Return to Zero

You might recall my first post about the movie Return to Zero from May 2013. It is hard to believe that it has been a year since I wrote about the movie and now we have exactly seven days left before it will be broadcast on Lifetime Canada. My thoughts about the movie that I expressed in my last post are still very similar today, but at the same time I am getting very excited to watch the film. It sounds weird to say “excited” in this context. I will probably cry a lot throughout the screening, but there is a certain anticipation to find out how they have represented the topic of stillbirth and how much I will be able to relate.

They are definitely breaking the silence about stillbirth big time. Producer and/or actors have appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Entertainment Tonight, On the red carpet etc. Cindy Crawford has been speaking about the film as well. Big kudos to Sean and his team!

I encourage you to watch the movie next Saturday:

Saturday, May 17

They released a behind the scenes video for the Kickstarter backers as well.

Help break the silence!

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