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We had a small celebration of life for Tobias yesterday at the sailing club. Our friends came together to remember Tobias with us and it was a beautiful ceremony that was very emotional for us. But from our experience with Marlon we know that it is a very important step in the grief journey. I know that we will often think back to this ceremony in the coming years.

To decorate the room we had bought different flowers and today we set out to plant them next to our dedicated bench at Jericho Beach. So far we were not able to find the stones we were looking for as planter boxes, but we decided to go ahead with the uglier ones and use them for now. We figured we can always replace it later once we find the ones we like. The challenge really was to find something that is ugly enough that nobody will steal it, but not too ugly to use.

So we went out shopping and bought our planters and then headed to the beach. It was a lovely day out today and many people were walking along the beach. It was fascinating to watch the reactions of people passing by. We had just started our project when two mothers walked by and smiled at us saying thank you for sharing these flowers.

Shortly after a family came by and asked us if we were related to the person the other bench is dedicated to. We explained that the bench is in memory of our sons. And then another family came and looked for the plaque on our bench and then asked us who the bench is for.

Another family walked by and a woman stopped and asked us about the bench. We told her about our boys and she shared that she has a bench a little further down for her nephew Jason. It was a family member’s birthday and they apparently always come down to their bench for an important day like a birthday. She plans to sit on our bench in the future as she loves the spot and the view from it. It was nice to hear the story from her and their connection to the place that we feel connected to as well.

It is amazing to me how a simple thing like a bench with a plaque on it (and we do not even have the plaque yet) can open up communication between random people. Thanks everyone for stopping by today. We hope you all enjoy the bench and the flowers.

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2 thoughts on “Flowers for the boys

  1. Reply Lanette Apr 14,2013 8:36 pm

    Hi, This is so lovely. Wish I could have been there but thanks for posting the pictures. This a wonderful tribute in the memory of your sons.
    Take care,

  2. Reply Elodie Apr 14,2013 10:42 pm

    Fantastic idea Jens & Kerstin ;-)
    This is a beautiful way for the memory of Marlon & Tobias.
    Thinking of you…

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